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The card-catalog enables a person to search for research material, pleasure-reading material and other media materials, not only from CMS, but also from CHS, BES, and CES, online.  Search at home or at school to be prepared ahead of time for the books you want to check out from the library for your project.  If you desire a book that is at a different campus than normally you are, ask your librarian to get the book for you.  That is no problem.


Like to see what the county library has on the shelves, click on the "HLC" to access the data base for the Hemphill County Library. Click on "Find a book" or "Kids search" and type in your search.  Easy? Yes, just that simple.  The county library belongs to a networked group of libraries throughout the Texas Panhandle.  If you are looking for a specific book and if cannot be found there, ask them to get it for you from one of the other libraries in their group. 

Need to do some research for a report - HCL has a list of "On-line Resources" that may help you. Check them out.  You must have a library card and a password to access tees resources. Ask the librarian to help  you acquire this.