1. Be in seat when tardy bell rings.

2. Put proper heading on all work.

3. Do not use electronic devices in class without teacher permission.

4. Use restroom during passing periods.

5. Maintain a clean and orderly work area.

6. Bring all of your supplies to class daily.

7. Complete all of your work and turn it in on time.

8. Check email daily.

Laptop Expectations

  • Being able to use a laptop in class is an exciting and wonderful educational opportunity.
  • That being said, students are expected to use them responsibly and appropriately at all times.
  • Laptops must be brought to school each day fully charged and with charger.
  • Improper use of laptop (accessing inappropriate material, playing games in class, etc….) will result in disciplinary action.

Computer Expectations

  • Computer monitors turned off during direction and instruction time.
  • Computers are not for entertainment and are to be used as an educational tool.
  • Headphones will be cleaned after each use.
  • Computer settings are not allowed to be changed and are to remain at default.
  • Any work you want saved, must be saved onto flash drive.
  • Print ONLY class related items.
  • Clean Workstation.
  • Be Creative and Have Fun.
  • Access the internet ONLY with teacher's permission.