Grading Policy:
Daily Work and Participation: 50%
Test and Quizzes:30%
Projects: 20%
Semester Tests: 10%

 Late/Incomplete Work :

    1. My expectation is that ALL assignments be completed to a level of proficiency (70% or higher) and turned in on time. If an assignment is turned in but proficiency is not demonstrated, the assignment will be returned to the student and the work must be completed / redone until proficiency is achieved. The assignment will not receive a grade until proficiency is earned.

    2. e-submission policy: You are always welcome to email me your assignments. There is no excuse to not have an assignment in on time. Printer and Internet issues are not an excuse. If technology failures happen, hand-write your assignment.

    3. Any assignment that is late or incomplete will be entered as a Zero until it is turned in
Absentee Policy:

    1. YES, WE DID SOMETHING IMPORTANT WHILE YOU WERE ABSENT. It is your responsibility to check with me the day you return to class to find out what you missed. Check the BLACK hanging folder to find any handouts you missed.

    2. A student has two extra days to turn in any work assigned on a day a student was absent. If a quiz was administered on a day a student was absent, the quiz must be made up on the first day the student returns. If previously assigned work was due on the day of the absence, the work is due on the first day the student returns.

    3. Any assignment you are absent for will be entered as a Zero until it is turned in.

  • As students reach middle school and mature, they are expected to take responsibility for planning ahead. As far as reasonably possible, this extends to bathroom breaks.In order to maximize instructional time, students should use the bathroom before school, during passing periods, and at lunchtime, even if they might not immediately “have to.”This will minimize the need to leave the classroom during critical instruction or practice time.
  • If it is necessary to leave the classroom, remember YOU are responsible for any educational experiences you miss while out of class.



  • Homework and class work is expected to be turned in on time.
  • All work will have assigned due dates. I routinely remind students of these due dates and also list the due dates on the board.
  • If a student does not have his/her work on the due date, he/she will receive a zero for the assignment.
  • Most class work will be finished in the classroom but if a student is wasting class time then the work will be assigned for homework.
  • Tests and quizzes will be given so students need to develop good study habits.


  • Water Bottles Only
  • Gum: Yes
  • All wrappers will be disposed of properly or this privilege will be taken away.