Grading Policy


           Daily work 50%     Tests 40%      Quizzes 10%             


Corrections/Extra Credit Possibilities

If you make less than a 70 on a daily assignment, other than a zero, you may make corrections on that assignment and bring up the grade to a 70 or more. Corrections must be done within a week of grading the paper. I am usually available during advisory period to answer questions or help you make corrections.  I am also available after school on some days…if you will make an effort to correct the paper I will help to raise the grade.

AR tests can count as extra credit.  There is a form in my room that you must fill out for the extra credit.  Extra Credit papers can also be found in the pockets above the pencil sharpener. These will include grammar practice, free rice logs, and CCC time logs.

I am always open to new ideas for extra credit. Sometimes projects that you have created for other classes can count as extra credit for English. If you want to write extra journal assignments, write poems, create movies, etc. please ask extra credit points may be available.

Student Responsibilities

Make-Up Work

You will be given one day for each day missed to make-up the assignment.  However it is your responsibility to get your assignment from me, I will not hunt you down to give you your make-up work.

If you know you are going to be absent, you are required to get your assignment ahead of time.  Since orthodontist and doctor appointments do not count as an absence, you should get the assignments the day before you will be gone, and have them completed when you return to class.  The same applies when you need to leave early for school related activities.