Rules and Expectations

FYI from Mrs. McClendon


  • I am excited to have your child in my class.  I want do what is best for your child; it will take us working together to achieve this goal.  My conference time is from 2:00-2:45 (regular bell schedule).  Feel free to call me 323-5351 or email me at


  • Classwork will be assigned almost everyday.  If assignments are not finished in class, please help your son or daughter develop effective study time to finish assignment.  Work must be shown neatly on each paper.  Success rates increase when you take some time to look at each assignment.  Anytime anyone is learning something new, a certain amount of practice is necessary and expected.  This will be the case for our math curriculum.  The only way to “practice” math is to work the daily assignments. 


  • I will do my best to have all work done in class!!!  If you could help me to stress the importance of giving Mrs. McClendon the best your son or daughter has for each class period that would be GREATLY appreciated!!!!!


  • We will be starting a new computer based math program called Accelerated Math.  The program will assess each students individual math level then set up a schedule that will be best for each student. 


  • Grades will be as follows in math: Homework will count 30%, quizzes will count 20%, and test will count 50%.  We will have a minimum of 10 daily grades and 2 test grades each six weeks.   You can check your students grades on the parent portal accessible on the CISD website!!!


  • Late work policy: Late work will be reduced by 10 points each day it is late.  After one week the grade will be a zero and you will have to go to morning detention or advisory to get a grade for that assignment.  This must be done within one week of the assignment.


  • All failing grades can be made up in advisory.  This must be done within one week of the assignment.  It is very important to me that each child understands each concept!!!! 


  • If your child is absent it is their responsibility to find out the assignment and make up the work that needs to be completed.  This must be done in a time frame equal to the number of days your child was absent.  For example, if your child is absent for two days, they will have two days to make up the assignment.


  • “Devices” are a tricky subject right now…  I want to include personal devices when possible!!  I need your commitment to make sure you are using your device for math reasons only…  For Example: Never have a photo or selfie of people in my room 


  • We are going to have a great year!!!  Thanks for sharing your child with me!!!! 

Please!!!! Please!!!!! Please!!!!! Remind your son or daughter to FULLY charge their laptop every night!!!!  I do not have any chargers to fit the new laptops that the seventh graders were issued!!!


Mrs. McClendon’s ROCK Guidelines


Students will not be allowed to keep others from learning. 

Here are some guidelines to help…..

Respect Everyone

Keep your hands, feet and objects to yourself.


Own Outstanding Behavior

Bring pencil, paper, computer, folder and assignment every day

Learn something every day.


Cooperate Continuously

 Follow directions the first time

Make responsible choices with work, peers and teachers.


Keep Positive

Accept Corrections Positively

Positive Attitudes R.O.C.K