Wendy Cavalier

Paw Prints


800 Hillside

Conference Period 10:54-11:40

6th Grade Science & Social Studies


Click  on the microscope for Stemscopes link.
Click on the globe for the Social Studies link.

For the Social Studies link you will need my email address. 

Login for Stemscopes is last name first initial.
Login for Social Studies is first name last initial.


First Period 8:00-8:40 Sixth Grade Science

Advisory 8:44-9:10

Second Period 9:14-10:00 Sixth Grade Science

Third Period 10:04-10:50 Sixth Grade Science

Fourth Period 10:54-11:40 Conference

Lunch 11:40-12:15

Fifth Period 12:19-1:05 Sixth Grade Science

Sixth Period 1:09-1:55 Sixth Grade Social Studies

Seventh Period 1:59-2:45 Sixth Grade Social Studies

Eighth Period 2:49-3:35 Sixth Grade Science

Our Classroom

  1. Our class will be in our seats with all materials and ready to learn when the tardy bell rings.

 2. Our class will be respectful to persons who are talking and will speak at appropriate times.

 3. Our class will respect a person’s personal space and belongings.

 4. Our class will be cooperative and encouraging.

 5. We will smile and we will laugh at appropriate things and times together.

 6. Our class will give 110% and never give up.

 7. Our class will follow safety rules and policies together.

 8. We will keep our promises.

 9. Our class will dismiss together at the teacher’s request.

10. We will look out for everyone’s best at all times.




A student with no tardies, no detentions, and no disciplinary actions will  receive a reward at the end of each  six weeks period.

 Extra credit will be given for extra reading, projects, and challenges.


   1st offense: Warning
   2nd offense: contact parent

    Noon Detention

    Morning Detention

    Parent/Student Conference

    Office Referral